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'I was grappling with issues of workplace collaboration and communication. On a personal level, the challenge wasn't just about working cohesively with my team but also about effectively articulating my ideas and understanding those of others.

Martin's approach had a profound effect on me. I can confidently state that [his coaching has helped me become] a better listener. I learned to express my needs and concerns more articulately, leading to more constructive discussions.  

Moreover, he provided me with tools and a systematic framework to manage workplace stress effectively. He introduced me to pragmatic exercises that helped me counteract unproductive patterns of thinking, anchor myself in the present, and consequently, reduce the anxiety associated with task management. 

Engaging with Martin on a deeper level has been one of the most beneficial decisions in my professional journey. Not only have I become more adept at teamwork and communication, but I've also cultivated a resilience and mindfulness that permeates beyond the workplace.  

By helping me dismantle my counterproductive habits, he has equipped me with tools that I use daily, not only in work scenarios but in personal ones as well. For example, I've learned to be less defensive in the face of feedback or even criticism and instead approach these scenarios with compassion and curiosity. 

I wholeheartedly recommend Martin's coaching service to any professional or team seeking growth in collaboration, communication, and personal development. Whether you're a team leader aiming for more cohesive teamwork or an individual striving for personal and professional growth, Martin Balazs Hajdics has the expertise and the human touch to guide you effectively. His insights and methodologies are invaluable for those willing to take the journey of self-improvement.'


'I was lucky enough to have worked with Martin Balazs Hajdics for a number of years. He had a great impact on both my professional and personal growth, Martin played a pivotal role in helping me enhance my collaboration and self-reflection skills in fast moving and complex situations. 

Our interactions were primarily within a group setting, but we also had many 1-1 sessions which helped me discover and unlock some of my own mental barriers preventing me from making progress. He was able to explain all the theory behind the practical exercises that we worked through together which I also greatly appreciated.  

If I had to pinpoint an initial hesitation I had, it was probably related to a skepticism around all the wide ranging benefits of ACT. How could so many conditions and states of mind be resolved with a relatively ‘common’ approach? But after doing the practical examples and hearing the theory I now understand how and why this all works! 

In short, Martin helped me break down complex issues into manageable parts, allowing me to approach problems with a clear and structured mindset. Through his guidance, I managed stress more effectively. He introduced me to simple, practical exercises that disarmed my old mental patterns, keeping me grounded in the present. I still use many of the techniques he taught me to this day. 

I would recommend Martin's services to anyone that feels they are ‘stuck in their head’ too much which prevents them from living life fully and achieving their dreams. His ability to adapt his coaching style and exercises to most specific needs is truly commendable. Highly recommended!'

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