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More About Coaching


What is the goal of coaching?

The goal of coaching is to develop patterns of thinking and acting that demonstrably move the client toward the outcomes and goals they desire.

Elements of a coaching engagement:

  • We build a non-judgmental, open and supportive relationship.

  • Together, we explore the client’s goals, situation, current thinking, feeling and acting in depth through focused questions.

  • We identify and remove the internal barriers to change, which gives rise to an unexpected natural ability to learn and adapt.

  • I help the client develop new ways of thinking and acting that enables them to achieve the goals and outcomes they desire. We do this together by engaging in short exercises.

Who benefits from coaching?

Coaching is for everyone.


People use coaching to reach their goals faster and overcome challenges that have been stuck for years.

It's the best tool for achieving goals when receiving advice and instructions haven't worked. 

Coaching has shown to have a powerful, positive impact on one’s social relationships, well-being, job and life satisfaction, performance, self-confidence, procrastination, communication, collaboration, self-awareness, and more.


Why I base my work on science?

Science-backed coaching is more effective, efficient and reliable.


All coaching is based on talking (more or less) but they typically lack a scientific theory of this very phenomenon (talking).

Coaching needs a theory of human language and thinking based on empirical research so that we can use talking to facilitate change effectively, quickly and reliably. 

Relational Frame Theory (RFT) is such a theory. Unlike many theories out there, RFT provides a comprehensive and practical understanding of how the human mind works. 

This knowledge can be applied to help people solve many types of problems and make positive changes. 


I apply RFT in my work with my clients, and my clients see unprecedented results, progressing several times faster, unblocking issues that have been stuck for years, and implementing changes that seemed out of reach before. 


Try it out yourself.

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