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Terms and Conditions 


“Provider” or “I”, “my”: 

Successful Agile Transformation Limited trading as Evidence-Based Help

Everdene House, Deansleigh Road, Bournemouth, Dorset, BH7 7DU 

VAT Number 253 1061 45 

Company number: 10435825 


“You”, “you”, “Your” or “Client”: Client can be any type of person that books an appointment or buys a product online with Provider. 


“We”, “we”, “us” refers to Provider and Client together. 


“Session”, “session” and their plural form refers to the paid time Provider and Clients spends together, where Provider is helping Clients with one or more of his/her issues, aspirations, goals, etc. 


Client by booking a session with Provider accepts these Terms and Conditions and this forms a contract between Client and Provider. 

  1. My commitment to You is to help You achieve the changes that you want in your life. I aim to create a safe and effective environment based on mutual respect and trust. 

  2. My Clients come to me with a wide range of issues and aspirations, e.g.: getting better at dealing with difficult emotions like anxiety or grief, changing career, building deeper, more caring friendships, improving workplace performance, etc. I only use evidence-based methods from cutting edge psychological research (ACT & RFT) that have proven to be useful in a wide range of life areas (you can find more details about these on my website). Consequently, chances are high that I’ll be able to help You with Your goals. However, all changes require Clients to change what they do. Many types of change require Clients to develop a psychological skill called Psychological Flexibility (I’ll teach this during our session and I’ll recommend good books as well). Building this skill requires regular practice of (simple) psychological exercises outside of our sessions (some of these are similar to mindfulness exercises). Due to these factors, I cannot guarantee any outcomes and Clients always retain responsibility for the desired change, e.g. if a Client wants to deepen his/her relationship with his/her friends, then how (s)he interacts with them needs to change and not how I interact with them; also I cannot practice important exercises for you. My responsibility is helping You in the best possible way. 

  3. Progress toward Your desired outcomes will often depend on the completion of between-session work, which is a vital part of ACT. As well as improving outcomes during our session, it helps people learn how to help themselves, reducing the need for my services in the future. 

  4. I’ll assess if your issue, aspiration, goal, etc. is one with which I can help and I’ll advise accordingly. You can bring more than one issues or goals to our sessions, and You can change what You want to work on as well. Some clients need help with defining what exactly they want to work on , I can help You with that as well. For each and every session You get to choose what You would like to work on together with me and if I think I cannot contribute to a specific topic, I’ll let you know immediately. Working out all the details of what we are trying to achieve and how we will achieve that is an ongoing process. This also means that you are not contracted to any specific number of sessions, You can stop at any time. 

  5. You are only allowed to book a session with me if You have reached the Legal Adult Age in your jurisdiction (18 years in the UK). I may consider younger Clients if they are at least 16 years old and can provide a consent from their legal guardians (typically parents). Your legal guardian must agree in writing that confidentiality will apply to all of our sessions and that I won’t share any details of our discussions with him/her. If You don’t meet these requirements regarding age and You book a session with me anyway, then I’ll terminate and refund the session, and you will be blocked from booking any more sessions in the future. 

  6. All of our sessions will be held online through the video conferencing tool Google Meets. You will receive a link via email after you have booked a session with me. There’s no need to download or install anything and you don’t need a Google account to join. Just click on the link in the email a few minutes before the session starts, allow access to your camera and microphone and click on the button “Ask to join”, I’ll let you in when the session starts. This also means that You will need a computer with a camera, a microphone and a stable internet connection in order to partake in our sessions. If a session cannot happen or parts of it cannot happen due to internet connection problems on my end, I will offer a free session for you in return. I cannot be responsible for your internet connection so if you cannot attend or fully partake in a session due to connection issues on your end, the session will still be payable in full. 

  7. The duration of each session is 50 mins. If for any reason you are late for a session, I will wait for 15 minutes. If you arrive within the first 15 minutes of a session, then I will see you for the duration of the remainder but I will be unable to extend the session beyond the allotted time as that would disrupt other sessions I have with other clients. If you are late by more than 15 minutes, I’ll drop off from the video-conferencing call and the session will count as a “no-show” (payable in full). 

  8. Cancellation policy.  

    1. You can cancel or reschedule sessions without incurring a charge by giving notice of your intention to cancel or reschedule the session at least 24 hours before the session is due to begin. Sessions cancelled less than 24 hours before they are due to begin are payable in full.  

    2. Cancelling, rescheduling and then cancelling sessions repeatedly: if three rounds of booking and cancellation happen in a row (without us actually meeting and having a session), then one session becomes payable in full. 

  9. Pricing and payments. 

    1. If You book a session with me manually, using my booking system available on my website, then the booking system will display the price of that session before you reserve the session. This is the price you’ll have to pay for that session.  

    2. At the time of booking, you get to choose if you want to pay for the session in advance or if you want to reserve the timeslot for the session without paying in advance. If you choose the latter, then the booking system will ask for your credit card details but your card will not be charged at the time of booking. Instead, Your card will be charged on the day of the session, after the session.  

    3. Currently the cost of a 50-minute-long session is 82 GBP but please always check the displayed price at the time of booking. I regularly offer discounted sessions, sometimes the first session is free of charge or have an extended duration and I might need to increase my prices later as well. If the price displayed at the time of booking an appointment with me is different from the price in this document, then the price displayed at the time of booking will be payable. 

    4. If You wish to pay by other means (e.g. via bank transfer), then please let me know this during our session. I’ll endeavour accommodating requests for alternative payments, but I cannot guarantee that I’ll be able to do so. In the case of using alternative payment methods, sessions are always payable in full within 7 days. 

    5. The cost of our sessions includes any written materials I may supply, but excludes the cost of any books that I might suggest you read. 

    6. If I don’t receive payment for one or more of our sessions within their due time (same day for card payments, 7 days for all other forms of payment), then I reserve the right to refuse or cancel further bookings until after all outstanding payments are settled. 

  10. Confidentiality. 
    I treat everything You share during our sessions confidentially and I will not disclose that to 3rd parties, except in exceptional circumstances (e.g. when required by law) which are detailed in this section. 

    1. Confidentiality does not apply where it would mean that I might break the law. E.g. when there is risk of harm to others relating to a serious crime (e.g. terrorism, child abuse, etc.). In cases like this, confidentiality will be breached and such disclosures will be passed onto the relevant authority without delay. 

    2. Confidentiality will be breached if it’s required by law, a court order or subpoena or other relevant authorities. 

    3. Confidentiality may be breached if I think there is an imminent risk of your causing harm to yourself or others. In such exceptional circumstances, where there is concern for Your well-being or that of others, it may be necessary to seek help outside our relationship. In such an event where I am considering breaching confidentiality, you will normally be consulted first. 

    4. In order to provide the best possible service to my clients, I carry out continuing professional development. Part of this self-development (among other things) is engaging in regular on-going supervision or consultation with more experienced behaviour scientists, and psychologists. I may discuss your case in supervision but I would not use any identifying details. Psychologists providing supervision or consultation for me are also bound by confidentiality. 

    5. I don’t record our sessions. If I wanted to change this for any reason, I would seek your permission first. If we were to agree to record a session in the future, You would be provided access to the recording via email. You accept not to record our sessions either by accepting this agreement. 

    6. Notes may be taken during and after each session, which will be kept in accordance with the Data Protection Act (1998) and GDPR. These notes will be securely stored on my computer. You can request the disposal of any such notes at the end of our engagement. They are disclosed to no one other than the aforementioned supervisor, unless required under a court of law subpoena. You have the right to inspect your records should you so wish, and this request can be fulfilled via email or during one of our sessions. 

    7. You may ask me to breach confidentiality, e.g. Clients may ask me to share details of our sessions with their partner or parents. All requests related to breaching confidentiality have to happen in writing. I’ll carefully consider each request but cannot promise up-front if I’ll agree to it. 

    8. Non-payment of fees might require Provider to take legal action against Client in which case some information about the Client will need to be handed over to third parties (such as lawyers, court, etc.). 

  11. Our relationship will remain a professional one at all times. Contact outside the session will be limited to short administrative discussions via email (e.g. session bookings, payments, etc.). Emergency or out of hours session are not provided. 

  12. Breaks, endings and termination of our engagement 

    1. I will not suddenly or without warning terminate our engagement, except in exceptional circumstances (e.g. a medical condition that doesn’t allow me to continue working). I will be here to help and support you for as long as you need it. I suggest booking appointments a few weeks in advance as my availability is subject to other bookings and all bookings are made on a first-come first-served basis. 

    2. You will be notified of any holidays or training sessions to be taken by myself well in advance. However, there may also be occasions when sessions may be cancelled on a short notice because of illness. I will try to give you as much notice as possible of any cancellation, and will offer an alternative time. Therefore, please notify any change in contact details. 

    3. If you feel that You would not like to continue our engagement for any reason, you can terminate it at any time. However, it provides the best results if we round-off engagements in a few sessions. 

    4. Change is hard, our sessions can at times be demanding, frustrating, and emotional. You may at times find this process very difficult, and feel the need to end our sessions. You can do this at any time, this contract doesn’t bind you to any number of sessions. However, Your feedback on the process will be asked for at the end of each session and if you feel unhappy with any aspects of the interventions being offered, please do try and communicate this verbally. This gives us both the chance to address and resolve engagement issues. If things go well, you will probably know when you are ready to finish our sessions as we will get closer and closer to the objectives we set out to achieve. 

    5. Please note any threats or acts of violence will invalidate this agreement and our sessions will cease immediately. 

  13. The restrictions contained in this Terms and Conditions are considered reasonable by the parties, but, if any such restriction is found void but would be valid if some part of the restriction were deleted, such restriction shall apply with such deletion as may be necessary to make it valid and effective. 

  14. These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and construed in all respects in accordance with the laws of England (United Kingdom) and the Courts of England shall have exclusive jurisdiction. 

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